About Me

I have been lecturing business studies in UK universities over the past 15 years having run my own businesses before that and realised that management is the key to a successful business.  Underpinning the whole subject area is economics – but increasingly I have seen this become sidelined in favour of the softer non-numeric subject areas.

This blog is my reaction to this phenomenon where I see business schools turning out graduates without the technical numeracy skills or the understanding of the underpinning economics on which the models used are based.  Without these it is not possible to be a creative manager developing innovative strategies in todays business environments.

Apart from working with students I see the impact on management which is still in the ‘dark ages’ and has not moved on from Tailorism and the view of the human resource as an expense. Yet never before has the potential of the individual in the organisation been so great, one person can make all the difference – I too would like to make a difference.