The AIDA acronym stands for:

Awareness – Interest- Desire – Action

This is one of the hierarchy of effects models that are used to understand the stages that a consumer might go through during the buying process.

The awareness stage is the starting point – if a consumer is unaware of a product or a brand they are not able to consider it in their purchase decision. So often advertising campaigns start with high impact adverts using TV or glossy magazines that just try to attract the buyers attention.

Having got the buyers awareness and attention then you need to develop their interest through providing information on the product or the brand. This might be through advertorial, PR or direct mail – advertising media that give more detailed information. This should focus on the unique selling proposition (USP) – those features or characteristics of the product or the brand that set it apart from competitors.

By correctly targeting the consumers and the developing a sound USP, customers should develop a preference or Desire for the product or brand. This can be developed through direct marketing activity.

Finally the campaign should result in some form of action – a purchase, an enquirey or a visit to a retailer.

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