Business Gurus – Book Review

Business Gurus edited by Ian Wallis

We only progress on the shoulders of others, more importantly we should know who the business experts are, what they said and if it is relevant today.

This handy little book provides a thumbnail picture of some of the leading business theorists which of course will always be the problem – who do you put in or who do you leave out. With a focus on the mainstream and the MBA in particular it is not surprising that there is an uncritical acceptance of these mainly American gurus, but the purpose is to present the orthodoxy which it does well.

An excellent resource

The two very minor points aside, the book presents clear and in a very accessible format outlining the the works of the leading authors in the area. It provides references to their key publications, a sound over view of their thinking and the concepts they developed and most importantly where there work fits in with modern thinking.

I would encourage students to buy this text to provide a useful aide memoir, but I would also encourage managers to read it, as you might expect there is plenty to stimulate the mind of any manager.  I will be  re-reading some of the original works for sure.