Gamification – the new approach to motivation?


There is emerging a new idea for motivating individuals to perform activities and change behaviours – gamification.  This approach uses a games like interface and graphics to allow individual to monitor their performance and then provides incentives to encourage specific behaviours.

An example

Chromaroma from Mudlark on Vimeo.

Chromaroma uses data from the Oyster travel card to create graphics and data sets based on users movements  around the London Underground and allows them to win points. (Read more)

This approach could be used to promote products and services to consumers – but there is a more serious application – the change of behaviours.  Already a US firm is experimenting with encouraging patients to take medication by using avatars. Using ‘expert systems’ is well established and patients already have access to health care systems in their homes – but by using ‘gamification’ it is hoped that patients will be more motivated to engage with the system. (Read Silicon story)

Chromaroma – the London Underground Game

Recent Articles

Since writing this initial post there has been limited interest – but this recent item in the FT caught my eye:


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