Happy 20th Birthday WWW






Today the world wide web,  brain child of Tim Berners-Lee, celebrates it’s 20th birthday – which sounds amazing to me.

It is amazing that a technology that is now part of so many peoples daily life, has created a whole new industry and has changed the way we do business was created just 20 years ago!

However when you look back on the way that communication technologies spread – Gutenberg printed his bible in 1452 and by 1500 all major cities had presses producing books, despite efforts to keep the technology secret.

In comparison radio telegraphy was positively glacial – with experiments throughout the 19th century – it was not until Marconi but together the complete package that it took off – not dissimilar to Berners-Lee putting together the HTML protocols that could exploit the potential of the Internet infrastructure that had grown slowly since the early work on computers after WWII.

So what is it that really struck me about the web only being 20?  I suppose, while all changes have in impact on daily life and the way the we relate with others – I feel the impact of the web has profoundly changed me. Much the same as the printed page did to my ancestors during the Renaissance.

Makes you think don’t it?

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