HR Experts See Pessimism as Negative Factor

I think we can all agree with HR’s magazine story that pessimistic managers will not be the managers that fins a way out of the current recession – but with the media spreading gloom and despondency – lead by BBC’s Robert ‘Depressing’ Peston who even tries to pour cold water on the Tesco story in his blog today

But what we really want to know is how can managers develop a more positive view – I was always taught when your wading through ‘manure’ it is important to look at the stars.  In short irrespective of how dire your businesses is today as a manager you need to have your eye on the prize – even it it lies on a far horizon.

Strategic management is about planning for where you want to be not dealing with operational issues – I cannot remember who said it but to succeed you need to ‘soar like an Eagle.’ to which the response came – “How can I soar like an Eagle when I am surrounded by Turkeys!”

See Article in HR Magazine

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