Is Management Dead? New Book Helps Managers Become Coaches

If you’re responsible for coaching or managing anyone, especially salespeople, this remarkable new book from AllBusiness’ Sales Advisor Keith Rosen will help you make the transition from manager to coach by developing the missing discipline of leadership – executive sales coaching. Most managers have never been trained to manage, let alone coach effectively. Keith delivers a tactical coaching system for managers, business owners, coaches and executives – anyone who wants a proven and powerful method to coach and develop true champions.

Endorsed by thought leaders such as Dr. Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Anthony Parinello and more, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions fills the void between what great managers need to know and do as a great coach to quickly turn underperformers into super-achievers, attract and retain top talent and motivate their team through the Art of Enrollment™, the new language of leadership.

Discover the strategies of the world’s greatest coaches through dozens of case studies spanning over 15 different industries and professions, a 30-Day Turnaround Strategy, coaching and communication templates, a library of masterful coaching questions and an easy-to-follow coaching process to leverage each person’s fullest potential and develop a team of winners.

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