Kotler – The father of marketing?

Pearson have just announced that the new edition of Kotler/Armstrong/Wong/Saunders ‘Principles of Marketing’ will be publishing shortly. In the press release they state;- "In this new edition, the authors have perfectly judged the balance of academic and practical content to create an authoritative and engaging introduction to marketing." It is difficult to talk about Marketing as a subject without considering the contribution of Kotler in defining the syllabus and promoting the concept. Some might say that he over sold it as a panacea for all things – saturated western markets, political indifference could all be solved by marketing. However there is no doubt that his texts and his contribution to the literature are enormous. The new text will include a complete chapter on Sustainable Marketing. Covering such areas as Environmentalism, Enlightened Marketing and Social Criticisms of Marketing, the authors succeed in providing an academic underpinning to this area. To support the text the publishers have commissioned a set of 10 Marketing Documentaries. These take video content beyond the ‘talking head’, by integrating current print and media advertisements as well as stock footage from the companies. These include such organisations as IKEA, HSBC, Electrolux and Land Rover. This new edition also boasts the latest in online student learning. MyMarketingLab is a brand new diagnostic study guide, which measures student’s strengths and weaknesses and builds a bespoke set of resources to meet their needs. These resources include video, audio and interactive content. "These exciting new developments make this edition our most anticipated addition to the Kotler brand to date." Is this just publishers hype or has Kotler become a brand – in effect his most effective evocation of the marketing magic? To hear Veronica Wong and John Saunders talk about the new edition and to take a look at the resources, please visit www.pearsoned.co.uk/kaws

Current Edition of : Principles of Marketing: Enhanced Media European Edition

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  1. Dear sir,
    Im a student of BBA at university of chittagong in Bangladesh. I have used Mr.Kotlers various book on marketing as study aids, I like his writings very much.

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