Osborne’s Tax Credit measures under attack from Newbies

Heidi Allen MP
Heidi Allen MP
Heidi Allen MP

Last night in the debate on the tax credit reforms being pushed through by George Osborne there was an unprecedented attack in the maiden speech from Cambridge MP Heidi Allen.  It is customary that a maiden speech is uncontroversial and introduces a new MP to the house and complements their predecessor – but perhaps we are seeing a change in the calibre of MP – willing to stand up for what they believe is right – not party dogma. (Read more on the BBC)

Another new MP Mhairi Black made her maiden speech last month and as an SNP member attacked both Tories and Labour for their lack of support for the poor and needy in society. Well worth watching on You Tube if you think that politicians are out of touch and self serving – this should give you hope.

It would appear that there is a ground swell from the Conservatives themselves against the impact of this latest round of austerity that might cause the chancellor to review the policy or the pace of introduction of Tax Credit reforms.  The next stage in the progress of the measures through the house is the house of Lords – traditionally the upper houses role is to revise and  amend, but in this case they might also reflect the increasing voices against the measures – without concerns of re-election and party whips it is often the case that the least democratic chamber best reflects the view of the majority of voters.

Last week on BBC Question Time a tory voter Michelle Dorrell attacked the panelist and conservative MP Amber Rudd for the measures going through the house – the look an Ms Rudd’s face as she is confronted with the reality of what her party is proposing tells all.


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