Osborne “Leaks” Autumn Statement

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To counter speculation the chancellor George Osborne has started a string of ‘leaks’ about what will be in his Autumn Statement.  It all started over the weekend when he fessed-up about the duration of his austerity measures – these will be in place for the remainder of this parliament and beyond as government borrowing continues to grow rather than shrink.

To counter this more popular measures are being talked about – to take the pressure off the cuts for the poor there is air time being given to a proposal for £145m to be spent on measures to ‘blitz’ the rich and large companies that are dodging taxes, but he is still not prepared to go as far as the Lib Dems would like and introduce a property tax for the super rich who live in the UK but have no UK earnings to tax.

There has also been some interesting messages emerging about government welfare spending.  A government minister interviewed on radio 4 announced that those on benefits would be among the few that would not have less to live on as benefit spending, as promised by David Cameron, has actually gone up under the coalition. Mean while the chancellor has told us that there will be four more years of cuts for welfare spending. I guess that this is some confusion as to exactly what this government is actually trying to do with it’s economic policy.

It is clear that we will here some very bad news on Wednesday from the chancellor as the christmas pudding for the poor is set to get smaller – but there will be a sprig of holly on top – but it does not improves the taste and is unlikely to prick the party balloons of the super rich.

Telegraph- Budget 2012: Four more years of cuts to the welfare bill

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