Poetry and Political Perspective

I have always found myself torn between the political left and right.  I realise that in the hard-nosed world of business it is survival of the fittest and if it is legal and profitable – it’s ok.

However brought up on the social history of Britain where Robert Owen’s enlightened approach at New Lanark and Elton Mayo showed that it was it was human relationships that motivated work I felt there was another way.

Yesterday http://poemflow.com‘s app sent out the poem below and I realised why I was conflicted and that I was right to be so.  We have to balance our instinct of selfishness and greed with higher ideals and aspirations.


Why I voted for the socialist ticket.

I am unjust, but I can strive for justice.
My life’s unkind, but I can vote for kindness.
I, the unloving, say life should be lovely.
I, that am blind, cry out against my blindness.

Man is a curious brute — he pets his fancies —
Fighting mankind, to win sweet luxury.
So he will be, tho’ law be clear as crystal,
Tho’ all men plan to live in harmony.

Come, let us vote against our human nature,
Crying to God in all the polling places
To heal our everlasting sinfulness
And make us sages with transfigured faces.

Vachel Lindsay (from General William Booth Enters into Heaven, and Other Poems, 1919)

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