SMEs and New Technologies

I have been looking for new academic texts in this area and I am awaiting my copy of this text with interest

Recent empirical evidence across countries shows a substantial and increasing return to IT investment. New technologies open up opportunities for small firms to expand their markets beyond national borders. This books looks specifically at ICT adoption and learning trajectories in developing countries; a context characterized by skill deficiencies and weak institutional support. The authors employ a systemic theoretical framework and a variety of research techniques to present firm-level evidence on learning in firms in an Internet-based production environment. The book arrives at a typology of firms on the basis of technological capability and learning trajectories. It identifies systemic and institutional factors that foster the adoption of technologies and goes on to analyse these factors in a multivariate econometric framework. This book is an invaluable addition to the literature on small firms and economic development.

SMEs and New Technologies: Learning E-business and Development

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