We’ve never had it so good

What me worry?

Tory peer Lord Young of Grafham has ruffled of the feathers of his all too well feathered Tory mates by telling us (the great unwashed) that most of us  ‘have never had it so good.”  The term originally associated to 60’s premier Harold Wilson commenting on turn around of the UK economy which was at the time leading the world in manufacturing and technology.

Was he right? Well being right is not the point – I am sure that a statistician could substantiate this comment – but that is not the point.  To parody a this phrase as the trajectory of the UK economy appears to be faltering and many thousands of people are looking forwards to loosing their jobs as a result of the package of cuts already announced by the government is not just poor politics it suggests a crass disregard for the electorate.

It demonstrates the gaping trap that lies waiting for this government – their fiscal competence or policies might not catch them out – but their disconnect from the majority of the people will.

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